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African Grey Parrots

African Grey Parrot Centre is dedicated to African Grey Parrots, it's a complete resource and community that will aid you with every aspect of owning and caring for your African Grey Parrot.

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1 T A M B O R I N E A V I A R I E S
25 31

Breeders of Australian & exotic parrots as hand-raised pets & breeding birds. Bird articles, info, photos. Bird sales & events. Leg ring size list. Links to Aus laws on aviculture. Translator.
2 The International Community Of Aviculture - (ICA)
9 7

The ICA is the first and only Arabic site that is concerned with pet birds.
It is noticeably reflecting the considerable experience of Arabic breeders in all aspects of aviculture.
It has Arabic community as well as English and French one.
3 Michelle Fazio
2 1

Our Congo, Timneh and Red Factor African Greys love everybody and are raised with our family and other pets. I have newly hatched babies for sale. I am taking deposits for quality hand fed Congo Afric
4 Schauwellensittiche
1 1

Zucht+Haltung von Schauwellensittichen
5 Ziergefluegel und Exotenzuechterverein jahnsdorf
1 2

6 SevenParrots
1 1

A webperch for parrots and their humans - to inform, entertain and make you smile a bit.
7 shop4birds
0 1
We are specialists in breeding and hand rearing baby birds and parrots and selling the necessary products that they require. All our birds are cuddly tame,hand reared and close rung and come with a hatch certificate, care sheets and full after care. We ar
8 Welcome To My Bird Page
0 2

A site filled with stories, jokes and information on birds.
9 Find My Bird
0 0

A database of lost, found, stolen and sighted pet birds in the USA.
10 aviario penedés
0 1

Baby of canaries and exotic, silvestrismo and hybridization, canaricultura sports and ornithology in general
11 Ringneck Doves - Shasta Lake / Redding, California
0 1

Ringneck doves for sale! Fawns (blonds) and Whites - Local Only! Shasta Lake / Redding / Anderson Area Shasta County, California - ***I do not ship birds !!! - I will have Silkies in the near future!
12 Budgie land
0 1

Budgie Land is a friendly place to talk about our little friends
13 Two Little Finches
0 1

Information on caring for pet finches, finch species profiles, photos, and videos.
14 Bird Directory
0 2

A resource directory of both pet and wild bird sites.
15 www.straat.de
0 1

Major Mitchell Cockatoo, Salomon Cockatoo, Budgies
16 D & R Treasures Aviary
0 0

Our World Has Gone To The Birds... Your's Can Too! We raise Greencheek, Jenday and Sun Conures, as well as, Lovebirds, Cockatiels and Quakers. We also have cages, toys, etc., everything you need for
17 Michelle Fazio
0 2

We take great pride in our breeding program, preserving the endangered Hyacinth Macaw. We have baby Macaw Hyacinths and at times we sell young, adult, proven breeding pairs. All of our babies are hand
18 Our Little Darlings
0 2

pacific parrotlets.breeders listing,photos,guestbook,prices,Pacific Parrotlet care
19 Objetivo al vuelo
0 4

Pictures of birds in Spain
20 HilltopFarms
0 1
At HillTop Farm, we raise a variety of Pheasants, Waterfowl, Peafowl, Pigeons and some Chickens. We sell eggs, chicks, adult birds and breeders. Many birds hatch their own young, some by broody chickens and some in our incubator. Regardless of how they ar
21 Wild Bird Food Wild Bird Seed
0 2

At Street End Farm we concentrate on producing the best quality seeds mixes, UK sunflowers, black sunflowers, sunflowers hearts, dried mealworms, suet and fat foods, fat balls for birds, nyjer seed, p
22 Summerville Aviaries
0 2
Summerville Aviaries, Parrot Breeder, workshops, school visits, parrot boarding, rescue
23 Shop4birds UK
0 2
we are specialists in breeding and hand rearing baby birds and parrots and selling all the necessary products that they require. All our birds are cuddly tame and hand reared and close rung and come with a hatch certificate, care sheets and full after car
24 Rini Brown
0 3
Street end feeds, a expert bird food suppliers & bird seed suppliers has been selling quality wild bird seed, seed mixes, bird gift service, black sunflower seeds, straights seeds, suet and fat foods, niger seed and many more bird related services.
25 UK African Grey
0 1
Hand reared African Grey Parrots
26 Parrots Ireland
0 1

Parrots.ie is a website for Irish parrot owners and breeders. Includes Irelands only dedicated parrot forum
27 Birds Lover Of The Philippines
0 3

Bird Community form the philippines.
28 Top Bird Sites
0 3
Add your bird site to our top list.
29 Forest Park Aviaries
0 1
Forest Park Aviaries is located near Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and offers for sale handfed pet-quality hookbills & exotic breeder birds, mainly Conure species, (mutation) Pacific Parrotlets, (mutation) Quaker Parrots & Senegal Parrots USA nationwide.
30 ..: the parrot playground
0 1

On slowik-online.com you can find a lot of informations about parrots. Pictures, noices and a lot of fun.

0 1

The canary Harzer roller has a beautiful song. French Breeder. You can read articles about canaries health and car. You can heart the harzer song
32 Livestream of my 4 cockatoos
0 1

24h-Livestream of my 4 citroncrested cockatoos n their own "living"room". Have pleasure! 3 webcams indoors, in summer 2 webcams outdoors.
33 Agapornis Hobby Kwekerij ''Roseicollis
0 1
Hobby Nursery of Agapornis ''Roseicollis''

34 Ellen @ her Parrots
0 1

all about my birds, two budgies, 5 lovebirds, 1 senegal parrot and 1 congo african grey parrot. With lots of information, diaries, digital photos, etc
35 Step Up Bird Supply
0 2

We carry only the best, safest products for your pet birds and companion parrots. All kept in a bird free environment. Monthly specials and Discount Prices! For all your birds needs!
36 Exotic Breeder Birds & Accessories for Sale in Ohio, USA
0 0
This new Exotic Breeder Birds & Accessories for Sale in Ohio, USA, web-site is presently under development for the main purpose of offering Forest Park Aviaries' high-quality exotic breeder birds and surplus breeding accessories nationwide across the USA.
0 1

Conure Crazy is a forum dedicated to the well being of conures. Forums on health, nutrition, housing, breeding and much much more! Come join the flock!
0 1

The home of the BUDGIE CAM!
39 Talk Cockatiels
0 1

Talk Cockatiels is an ever growing community of cockatiel owners and enthusiasts. It's a great place to learn new things and talk about these wonderful birds with lots of friendly members.
40 Parrotlets
0 1

Parrotlets is a forum dedicated to these wonderful little parrots.help and advice always given, competitions every month, come and join a very friendly forum.

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